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Pencil Boy

Cover image - Pencil Boy

What would you do if you had a magic pencil?

Merv is one hyper creative kid. He’s convinced that his standard HB pencil is magic… that he can draw anything and it happens. His proof? He drew that picture of himself getting an A on a pop quiz in math. And it worked! (Well, he got a B+, but still… close enough, right?)

Merv’s “magic pencil” theory gets challenged when the School Board threatens to cut his favourite classes at school. Like art.

His friend Charlotte decides to fight back with a petition, which Merv thinks is not just “practical” but downright “boring”.
His idea is MUCH better: he’ll use his magic pencil!

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King Boing

Cover image - King Boing

A wild tale about two kids, a towering ape-like creature from outer space, and a race against time…

After since his co-producer wife passed away three years ago, Edward Briggs, host of the popular TV show The Weird World of Edward Briggs, has been retired. His kids miss the adventures they used to go on together as a family.

When a 20-foot-tall ape with navy blue fur, a glass helmet, massive feet, and an ability to hop great distances in a single bound is sighted in Australia, Edward’s TV network wants him to come out of retirement. Edward doesn’t want to, until he finds out his arch-nemesis, world adventurer Horton Hardman, wants to find the creature and put it in a zoo!

So, Edward Briggs is off on another adventure – and his kids are along for one incredible, unforgettable ride.

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Fatheads in Space: Episode 1 – The Little Stowaways

Cover image - Fatheads in Space

The first installment of an epic tale of two kids, a robot, and a rock band lost in space…

In 2076, the Fatheads are the most famous (and full-of-themselves) rock band on Earth.

Bobby, age 10, is one of their biggest fans. His big sister Bebe likes them too, even if she thinks they’re excruciatingly loud.

What happens when these two foster kids sneak onto the U.S.S. Rock, a spaceship that’s supposed to take the Fatheads on a six-month tour “to Pluto and beyond”?

Well, for starters, they all get sucked into a black hole.

And that’s when the adventure begins…

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Spirit of the North: 100 Years of Community Building in Grande Prairie

Cover image - Spirit of the North

It began 100 years ago. In 1914, Grande Prairie was incorporated as a village. That village grew into a town that grew into a city. What made it happen? The answer is simple: people. People who believed. In community.

Sprit of the North: 100 Years of Community Building in Grande Prairie features hundreds of fascinating stories taken from research that included many face-to-face interviews with pioneers and community leaders. Kozub calls it “a labour of love” and “one of the most important books I have ever worked on.”

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Weird Edmonton

Cover image - Weird Edmonton

You may already know Edmonton as the Festival City (with close to 40 festivals held year round, including the largest Fringe Festival in North America) and the city with the largest mall in North America (West Edmonton Mall), but did you know Alberta’s capital city is also downright weird? Edmonton is home to:

Read about these weird events, people, places and more in Mark Kozub’s loving tribute to his home city, Weird Edmonton.

Published by Blue Bike Books
Distributed by Lone Pine Publishing
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Celebrating Success in Edmonton

Cover image - Celebrating Success

What does success mean to you? Is it building a successful company? Waking up every morning and looking forward to your workday? Owning a Rolls Royce? Or is it having a community where children never go hungry? Celebrating Success in Edmonton is a rich and inspiring reflection on the attainment of success. Mark Kozub’s book is filled with enlightening Q & A-style interviews with some of the key businesspeople, philanthropists and artists who make Edmonton a great city: Kevin Lowe (Edmonton Oilers), Jean Paré (Company’s Coming), Jim Hole (Hole’s Greenhouses and Gardens), Brent Hesje (Fountain Tire), Bob Baker (Citadel Theatre), Barbara Poole and many more.

Celebrating Success in Edmonton also features many fine photographs by Randall Edwards.

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The Uptown Browns

Cover image - The Uptown Browns

The good old days are just beginning… Sometimes your life changes in the blink of an eye. Take Chip Brown. Once, he was a wide-eyed kid who thought he might get famous playing bass in the family band. Then he became a bald middle-aged man. Up until not so long ago, he had a wife who loved him and a dog named Grrr and a cat named Prrr. And a house. And a mother too. So why is he smiling? You’ll see.

The Brown Family

Cover image - The Brown Family This is the beginning of the Brown saga…   The Brown Family is a bittersweet comedy about how the comfortable life of a pleasantly square family is altered when “Mom” (Mrs. Brown) undergoes surgery and comes through it with the belief that: a) she may only have months to live and b) she was recently visited by God. The Brown Family was published by Dramatic Situations and sold out its first printing.

A Calgary Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were
By Mark & Janice Kozub

Cover image - A Calgary Album A Calgary Album is a sentimental journey into a cattle town that grew to be a world-class cosmopolitan city. Through eighty-five glorious black and white photos and engaging storytelling, the authors take the reader back to the time of the “real” cowboys, to the days when the streetcar seemed like science fiction.

Big Enough Dreams
Edited by Debbie Marshall
Mark Kozub, contributing author

Cover image - Big Enough Dreams

Big Enough Dreams is a collection of non-fiction stories describing the lives of thirty-one adults with developmental disabilities. These are compelling tales of individuals who are passionate, competitive, uptight, talkative, petty, beautiful, ambitious, troubled, open-minded, caring and funny. Other contributing authors include great Alberta writers Todd Babiak, Myrna Kostash, Shirley Serviss, Linda Goyette and more.